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DEWARC is a young and creative video creation company based out of Vancouver, Canada. The goal is to make video content that is real and authentic, and to bring forward the personality in your brand to help you engage with your customers. 


DEWARC is a brand that is in love with the outdoors and being surrounded by it. We believe we need to preserve as much of the natural earth as possible, so we try to showcase the earth’s natural beauty by including it in our work whenever it suits. The goal is to try and help the world get outside, explore, and realize we need to preserve what we have.

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We want your video to be as unique as you and your brand. In order to do so, we want to get to know you. A discovery session is our way of learning about you, your brand, and your idea for this project. This is one of the most important parts of the process for us. The more we can understand your brand, the more unique we can make the video for your brand


From there, we will plan the project and send you a project proposal outlining our vision for the project so you can get a solid idea of how we see the project and it’s direction. After that, It’s time to create. We like to keep the flow of communication going throughout the process so we are both in the loop on everything that is happening.

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What I Do

Adam Dewar
Founder of DEWARC

I am a visual storyteller with a passion for creativity and the outdoors. From 3D Animation to Film and Photography, I follow my passion all over the world to unique locations. Being in the creative industry for the past 5+ years, I have the artistic ability to create something new using different mediums. ​

I created DEWARC with the intention to make authentic content for unique brands that want to show their personality. 

       I love travelling around the world and seeing the landscapes unique to each country I visit. This has made me realize how hard we all need to try and preserve what we have. Each landscape is unique and needs us to help it last. This is something I would like to help with. I've always loved camping and the outdoors and want to help sustain it so our future generations are able to see and do what I can now.

        My plan for DEWARC is to figure out a way of not only pushing the message of preserving our land, but to also donate and help the cause.

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Home Base

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

We are always looking to collaborate with other like-minded brands so please feel free to drop us an email so we can have a chat about your project.

Content Creation

At DEWARC, we like to keep things simple. We offer two services so we can concentrate on doing them well.


Specializing in Landscape and Adventure photography with the ability and experience to shoot product as well.

Video Production

Solid editing and clean camera work are not the only parts to making an engaging video. A video needs to show a purpose in order for the audience to care. We focus on all three parts to make sure the video is worth your audiences time.

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